Fishing How and What

Since 2007 we have gained specialist experience with fishing for catfish, carp and zander. We would like to share that with you.
We bring you in the morning by car and the boat on the trailer, within ten minutes to the slipway and in the evening you will be picked up at the slipway.
This special service does not cost you anything extra, which we gladly do for you.
For lunch you will receive an extensive bread package, fruit, spring water, cans, coffee or tea with a biscuit in a large cool box.
You do not have to take care of this yourself, but we will take care of everything for you.
Naturally, we take your special wishes into account.

We offer our guests a comprehensive service when fishing for these favorite fish species and it is possible to hire a guide per day or per part of the day, who is of course willing to teach you the tricks about the bait presentations and the setting up of a guide. camp.
We have purchased a number of new catfish rods in our range, which will only increase the pleasure of dribbling after a catfish attack.
The fishing boats present are comfortable and safe.
Of course we are familiar with excellent fishing spots and you reap the rewards of this, since we want to do everything we can to ensure you have a fantastic fishing holiday, which you will often think of again.