We do not just focus on fishing.
Our accommodation is also an excellent choice for people who are more adventurous and sportier.

Bicycle routes

There are cycling and hiking trails in the area, where you can spot various species of birds or deer and if you are lucky, you can even see a Jabali (a Spanish wild pig).
During your bike or walking route you can discover cathedrals and Roman remains.


Also, a visit to Caspe is really worthwhile. Caspe is the nearest city with its rural character and charm.

With its many caf├ęs and bars (about 30 pieces) it is good to stay and Caspe has many nice shops where you will certainly succeed in your purchases and souvenirs.
This cozy town is worth the effort of one or more visits and many parties and events are organized.
We offer you at least our hospitality and accommodation and that is already the beginning of a guaranteed wonderful holiday.